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The miracle of the Bible
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The most powerful Book ever written.

Once you discover the miracle of the Bible, you have no choice but to believe it's contents.
We discovered it, and now believe the message of the Bible. This website is the result of our discovery.
As believers in the Kingdom and Glory of Jesus Christ, we hope to reveal the miracle of the Bible to as many people as possible.
Our goal is to encourage human beings to really live by their Manual - the Bible.

We Believe:

1. We believe that only the 66 books of the Bible is the authoritative, inspired Word of God (this excludes the Apocrypha). Inspired by the Holy Spirit, various writers wrote down God's revelation about Himself and His Kingdom, and how humans fit into the scheme.

2. With the help of the Holy Spirit, the believer should study the Bible as a guide through this life.

3. We believe that salvation through the blood of Jesus Christ, shed on the Cross, and the Resurrection and the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, is an unalterable doctrine of God, giving all people free access to God, without works. Christians will however give evidence of their faith by their lifestyle and commitment to the principles of God as found in the Bible.

4. We believe that all major Christ centered Bible translations are sufficient to guide the believer. Modern media is an aid to compare the translations. Since we live in a fallen world, we can expect people would try to distort the teachings of the Bible.

5. We believe that the Bible is sufficient to guide us in all matters of faith (2 Tim 3:16), but additional teachings are helpful, again being watchful against divisive and false teachers.

6. Christians are living as strangers in a fallen world, and God's Word, both the Old Testament and the New Testament, is our infallible guide.

"But God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise; God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong.” 1 Corinth 1:27